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Professors emeriti

Slobodan M. Milosavljević, Ph.D. office 307 011-2630474
ext. 616
smilo AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Full professors

Marija M. Baranac-Stojanović, Ph.D. office 532
lab. 531
ext. 741 mbaranac AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Dragana R. Milić, Ph.D. office 447
lab. 446
011 2635104
ext. 667
dmilic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Radomir N. Saičić, Ph.D. office 471
lab. 470, 427, 416
011-3282537 rsaicic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Dušan M. Sladić, Ph.D. office 475 ext. 679 dsladic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Vele V. Tešević, Ph.D. lab. 312 011-2630474
ext. 786
vtesevic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Scientific councilors

Snežana S. Trifunović, Ph.D. lab. 305 011-2630474
ext. 617
snezanat AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Associate professors

Deana B. Andrić, Ph.D. office 476
lab. 463
ext. 759 deanad AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Filip J. Bihelović, Ph.D. office 428
lab. 470
ext. 658 filip AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Zorana B. Ferjančić, Ph.D. office 428
lab. 427
ext. 658 zferjan AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Milovan D. Ivanović, Ph.D. office 461
lab. 460, 236
ext. 780
misai AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Veselin R. Maslak, Ph.D. office 416 ext. 655 vmaslak AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Igor M. Opsenica, Ph.D. office 433
lab. 432, 524
ext. 750 igorop AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Mario V. Zlatović, Ph.D. office 482
lab. 481
ext. 684
mario AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistant professors

Aleksandra D. Mitrović, Ph.D. lab. 416 ext. 655 afemic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Ljubodrag V. Vujisić, Ph.D. office 306
lab. 312, 320
ext. 899 ljubaw AT chem·bg·ac·rs
ljubaw AT yahoo·com
Bojan Z. Vulović, Ph.D. lab. 470 ext. 673 bvulovic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Scientific associates

Boban D. Anđelković, Ph.D. room 313 ext. 786 aboban AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistants with PhD

Jelena M. Konstantinović, Ph.D. lab. 432 ext. 659 jelena_konstantinovic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Života J. Selaković, Ph.D. lab. 432 ext. 659 zivota_selakovic AT chem·bg·ac·rs


Katarina B. Komatović lab. 468 ext. 681 katarinabogojevic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Gordana B. Krstić lab. 311 ext. 649 gkrstic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Andrea M. Nikolić lab. 432 ext. 659 andrea AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Luka P. Novković lab. 470 ext. 673 lukan AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Ivana V. Sofrenić room 313 ext. 786 ivanasofrenic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Graduate researchers

Jovana S. Jakšić lab. 416 ext. 655 jjaksic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Dragana Z. Jovanović lab. 446 ext. 666 dragana AT chem·bg·ac·rs
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