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Full professors

Tanja D. Ćirković Veličković, Ph.D. lab. 403
room 410
ext. 608 tcirkov AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Marija Đ. Gavrović Jankulović, Ph.D. office 430 ext. 661 mgavrov AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Natalija Đ. Polović, Ph.D. office 420
lab. 421
ext. 657, 721 polovicn AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Radivoje M. Prodanović, Ph.D. office 425
lab. 434
ext. 660, 663 rprodano AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Zoran M. Vujčić, Ph.D. office 484 011-3282393
ext. 687
zvujcic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Scientific councilors

Dragana J. Stanić-Vučinić, Ph.D. lab. 434
office 410
ext. 608
dstanic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Associate professors

Vladimir P. Beškoski, Ph.D. lab. 435 011-2637273
ext. 664
vbeskoski AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Senior scientific associates

Vesna B. Jovanović, Ph.D. lab. 403 ext. 676 vjovanovic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Katarina T. Smiljanić, Ph.D. office 403
lab. 403
katarinas AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistant professors

Milan R. Nikolić, Ph.D. office 420
lab. 421
011 3336 657
ext. 657
mnikolic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Milica M. Popović, Ph.D. lab. 412
office 424
ext. 869 la_bioquimica AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Jelena Z. Radosavljević, Ph.D. lab. 403
office 424
ext. 869, 676
radosavljevic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Marija M. Stojadinović, Ph.D. lab. 434 ext. 663 mstojadinovic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Scientific associates

Jelena M. Aćimović, Ph.D. lab. 403 ext. 676 jelena AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Maja V. Krstić Ristivojević, Ph.D. lab. 403 ext. 676 krstic_maja AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Andrijana N. Nešić, Ph.D. lab. 429 ext. 656 anesic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistants with PhD

Karla Ž. Ilić Đurđić, Ph.D. lab. 434 ext. 663 karlailic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Simeon L. Minić, Ph.D. lab. 421 ext. 657 sminic AT chem·bg·ac·rs


Jelica R. Milošević, Ph.D. lab. 421 ext. 657 jelica AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Isidora I. Protić Rosić lab. 429 ext. 656 proticrosic AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Associate researchers

Aleksandra M. Đurđević Đelmaš lab. 434 ext. 663 aleksdj AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Nikolina V. Popović Kokar lab. 434 ext. 663 nikolina AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Mirjana Ž. Radomirović lab. 403 ext. 676 radomirovicmirjana AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Graduate researchers

Milica M. Crnoglavac Popović lab. 434 ext. 663 milicac AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Teodora P. Đukić lab. 403 ext. 676 djukic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Zorana D. Lopandić lab. 429 ext. 656 lopandic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Tamara N. Lujić lab. 403 ext. 676 lujict AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Milan J. Mišić lab. 483 ext. 687 misic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Ana S. Simović lab. 403 ext. 676 asimovic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Marija D. Stanišić lab. 434 ext. 663 mstanisic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Milena O. Zlatanova lab. 429 ext. 656 zlatanova AT chem·bg·ac·rs
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