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Chemistry Biochemistry

Study programme "Biochemistry"

Entrance requirements
Study programme goals

The primary goal of this study program is to enable students to obtain a degree which will be recognized by all European institutions and which will enable students to find suitable employment in the academic environment or industry or to continue their education in the field of biochemistry or related disciplines within postdoctoral studies at Serbian or European universities.

Study outcome

Upon completing the study program Biochemistry, the candidate is awarded the title "PhD in Biochemistry".

Students will be able to independently conduct complex research within a team with the aim of solving relevant scientific problems from the field of biochemistry and related disciplines. They will become familiar with the use and operation of the latest instruments used in biochemistry research laboratories. They will demonstrate the capacity to use their knowledge in practice, particularly in problem-solving, acquiring new knowledge and making new discoveries. They will be able to formulate hypotheses and design experiments to test them. They will be able to analyze a material and formulate concepts. They will be able to adapt to new situations and make decisions. They will be able to establish various types of scientific cooperation and communication both in their mother tongue and in English.

Access to further studies

Diploma holders can continue their education within postdoctoral research at Serbian or world universities and scientific research institutions.

Professional qualifications

Students who have successfully completed doctoral studies in biochemistry:


Weekly number of classes for each course is shown as: lectures + study research work.

Course Code ECTS Semester
Year I 1 2
Elective Course 1 E71B1 8  
Elective Course 2 E72B1 8  
Study and Research R71B1 14 0+10  
Study and Research R72B1 24   0+16
Semester Paper S71B1 6   0+4
Year II 1 2
Elective Course 3 E73B1 8  
Elective Course 4 E74B1 8  
Study and Research R73B1 14 0+10  
Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers 770A1 16   10+0
Study and Research R74B1 14   0+12
Year III 1 2
Study and Research R75B1 30 0+20  
Doctoral Thesis Z70B1 30   0+20
Elective Courses
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