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Full professors

Katarina K. Anđelković, Ph.D. office 528
lab. 527
ext. 739, 737
kka AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Sanja R. Grgurić Šipka, Ph.D. office 534
lab. 525
ext. 736, 742 sanjag AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Tibor J. Sabo, Ph.D. office 554 ext. 749 tsabo AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Snežana D. Zarić, Ph.D. lab. 576 ext. 605 szaric AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Scientific councilors

Aleksandar S. Nikolić, Ph.D. office 543
lab. 544
ext. 748 asn AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Associate professors

Ilija D. Brčeski, Ph.D. ibrceski AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Maja A. Gruden-Pavlović, Ph.D. lab. 544 ext. 754 gmaja AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Miloš K. Milčić, Ph.D. office 526 ext. 770 mmilcic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Tamara R. Todorović, Ph.D. office 516A
lab. 559
ext. 731, 685 tamarat AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistant professors

Božidar R. Čobeljić, Ph.D. lab. 527 ext. 737 bozidar AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Vesna B. Medaković, Ph.D. vesnam AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Milica R. Milenković, Ph.D. lab. 560 ext. 782 mrm AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Jelena M. Poljarević, Ph.D. lab. 525 ext. 736 jelenal AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Aleksandar R. Savić, Ph.D. lab. 533 ext. 743 aleksandar AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Maja T. Šumar Ristović, Ph.D. ext. 782 majas AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Dušan Ž. Veljković, Ph.D. lab. 575 vdusan AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistants with PhD

Dušan P. Malenov, Ph.D. lab. 575 malenov AT chem·bg·ac·rs


Teodora S. Dimitrijević lab. 560 ext. 782 teodora AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Graduate researchers

Jovana B. Araškov lab. 559 ext. 685 araskovj AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Sanja B. Marković lab. 559 ext. 685 markovics AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Predrag G. Ristić lab. 559 ext. 685 predrag AT chem·bg·ac·rs
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