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Due to its internationally approved, diversified and high-quality research and education activities, the Faculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade (FCUB) represents one of the most important and prestigious institutions in Serbian research area and society. The Faculty's ongoing aim is to maintain and justify this outstanding reputation and to find new ways of enhancing it in these uncertain times of external pressures and increased financial constraints that the universities in Serbia face nowadays. This Strategic Plan aims at reiterating, or establishing, the goals of the Faculty of Chemistry as it prepares to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Therefore, the FCUB takes the primary role in the mutually supportive activities of teaching, research, and service.

A high-quality and up-to-date learning experience at the undergraduate level supported by appropriate programs and educational approaches fulfils all chemical career work demands. Further knowledge and the skill improvement provided by advanced training at the graduate level are mostly covered by student involvement into actual scientific research.

To achieve the full implementation of the Strategic Plan, the following goals in research, education, innovation, service and resources are established:

Research: Improving and enhancing the FCUB

Established mission will be accomplished by the continuous, synchronous and efficient efforts in educational as well as in research area. For that purpose the FCUB is focused on:

Teaching, learning and scholarly activities:
Development of the research related to the demands of the 21st century, providing in such that way the incorporation of the FCUB into the European Research Area:
The institution visibility improving through:
Working conditions quality raising and adjusting to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards:

The mission of the FCUB is to continuously improve chemistry science in general by performing multidisciplinary research and research-based teaching within disciplines: Biochemistry, biotechnology, analytical, environmental, inorganic, and medicinal and organic chemistry, nanotechnology and natural products research supported by computational chemistry. The Faculty emphasizes supplementary development of internationally recognized programs of research and education, and is committed to serve the society and the international scientific community with its knowledge.

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