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Full professors

Dragan D. Manojlović, Ph.D. office 539
lab. 538
ext. 746
manojlo AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Dušanka M. Milojković Opsenica, Ph.D. office 547
lab. 552
ext. 766, 755
dusankam AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Associate professors

Rada M. Baošić, Ph.D. office 515a ext. 781 rbaosic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Aleksandar Đ. Lolić, Ph.D. lab. 502 ext. 794 lolix AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Jelena J. Mutić, Ph.D. lab. 538 ext. 745 jmutic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Maja M. Natić, Ph.D. lab. 519 ext. 730 mmandic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Jelena Đ. Trifković, Ph.D. office 552
lab. 552
ext. 755
jvelicko AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Tatjana Ž. Verbić, Ph.D. office 529 ext. 611 tatjanad AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Senior scientific associates

Ferenc T. Pastor, Ph.D. lab. 536 ext. 744 fpastor AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistant professors

Filip Lj. Andrić, Ph.D. lab. 552 ext. 755 andric AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Scientific associates

Boris M. Mandić, Ph.D. lab. 310, 502 011-2630474 borism AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Dejan M. Šegan, Ph.D. lab. 536 ext. 744 segand AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Vukosava M. Živković-Radovanović, Ph.D. lab. 560 ext. 782 vuka AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Assistants with PhD

Petar M. Ristivojević, Ph.D. lab. 553 ristivojevic AT chem·bg·ac·rs


Aleksandra M. Dramićanin lab. 552 ext. 755 akosovic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Slađana Z. Đurđić lab. 538 ext. 745 sladjanadj AT chem·bg·ac·rs

Graduate researchers

Snežana D. Andrić lab. 551 ext. 671 sandric AT chem·bg·ac·rs
Đurđa D. Krstić lab. 552 ext. 755 djurdjakrstic AT chem·bg·ac·rs
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