University Chemistry Education for the Challenges of Contemporary Society

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[Aerial View of Kalemegdan Fortress]

Aerial View of Kalemegdan Fortress

Belgrade, June 28-30th, 2017

7th European Variety in University Chemistry Education, run under the auspices of the EuCheMS Division of Chemical Education, brings together chemistry lecturers and educational professionals to improve understanding of chemistry teaching and learning at college and university level. Papers may deal with the practical aspects of teaching chemistry, or with research into chemistry education at tertiary level (general and vocational higher education institutions, HEIs), at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The conference theme "University Chemistry Education for the Challenges of Contemporary Society" points out the need for continuous reconsideration of the connections among BSc, MSc, and PhD chemistry studies with the contemporary professional, social and scientific challenges.

The Eurovariety conferences follow the tradition of the UK Variety in Chemistry Education (ViCE) conferences in encouraging chemists to be involved in teaching Chemistry at tertiary level, and to share their experiences and learn from colleagues from other institutions and other countries.

Doctoral chemistry students (and related study programmes such as biochemistry or chemical engineering) are cordially invited to join us and present their own impressions and conclusions gained during their first teaching experiences. Slam Session consists of 5-minute practice-oriented presentations. The best slam talks will be awarded.

It's time to start organising your trip to Belgrade!

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The brief history of EuroVariety conference

Optional Visits

[Petnica Lab]

Petnica Science Center
June 30th, 2017 at 14:00 o'clock

Petnica Science Center is the biggest and, probably, the oldest independent nonprofit organisation for extracurricular, informal science education in South Eastern Europe. Since 1982, Petnica has organised more than 3 000 programs (seminars, workshops, research camps...) for nearly 50 000 students and science teachers in 15 disciplines of science, technology and humanities. The Petnica Center is a perfect place for encourages interest in science in a relaxed environment.

Petnica Centre has functional and complex facilities in the village Petnica near Valjevo (West Serbia). There are fully equipped boarding facilities, various types of classrooms, laboratories, a big and multifunctional library with a carefully designed Teaching Resource Centre.


Viminacium - Ancient City and Military Camp
June 30th, 2017 at 14:00 o'clock

Viminacium was the capital of the Roman Province of Moesia Superior. The site is located 12 km from Kostolac, a Serbian town on the Danube river, east of Belgrade. The ancient city of Viminacium is unique in many aspects. It is exceptional with respect to the number of excavated graves (over 13,500 graves have been identified) as well as the quantity of artifacts found in them (over 32,000 objects).

The history of Viminacium