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Snežana D. Mandić, Ph.D.

full professor
Faculty of Chemistry, Studentski trg 12-16, Beograd
Department of Analytical Chemistry

Phone:   011-3336781

Phone (local):   781

Office:   515A

Laboratory:   507, 502

E-mail:   snezananm AT chem · bg · ac · rs

Personal data

Born on March 27, 1953 in Varvarin, Serbia. Married. Speaks Serbian, English and Russian language.

Education and qualifications

1977: Undergraduate studies - Chemistry / Prirodno-matematički fakultet (Belgrade, Serbia)

1989: Master of science studies - Chemistry / Prirodno-matematički fakultet (Belgrade, Serbia)

1995: Doctoral academic (PhD) studies - Chemistry / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

History of employment

1984: Graduate assistant / Prirodno-matematički fakultet (Belgrade, Serbia)

1991: Assistant / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

1997: Assistant professor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2008: Associate professor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

2013: Full professor / University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (Belgrade, Serbia)

Scientific interest

Analitical chemistry

Other activities

Member of Serbian Chemical Society from 1980 - Section for analytical chemistry.

Educational activities


Project leader:

Author identification numbers

Representative references

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